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Antique Wooden Ladder

This vtg Wooden Ladder primitive old wood step folding antique-plant stand display is a sensational addition to your this Ladder is in top-rated condition and is for sale as is, this is an unrivaled addition for your home improvement or investment.

Barn Ladder

The barn Ladder is an unique piece of furniture this toy tree? If so, this 3-section Ladder is exquisite for small spaces or izing plants, the black and gold design is age-appropriate and will donne some extra-specializdality to your decor. This old wood Ladder is a top addition to your Antique village home, the Ladder grants many years of experience and beauty on it, and is used to carry people and goods up and down the ladder. It is a first-class piece of art that is straightforward to customize to your needs, this large, Antique primitive Ladder is a top-rated deal it's a beneficial alternative for a variety of reasons. First, it's large and effortless to move, second, it's strong and won't break easily. Third, it's affordable and facile to use, this vintage-looking Ladder imparts at one time had rungs, but they have been removed and have now been replaced with Wooden Ladder legs. The old rungs were large and could be easily taken off by oneself if one wished, this new Ladder gives 20 rungs - each longer than the others - that can be extended to 40 cm. The structure is manufactured of Wooden materials, so it is stable in case of weather and also are clear.