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Extend Ladder

The extended Ladder is top-rated for professional use with its telescoping Ladder 15, 5 this Ladder is best-in-the-class for small businesses and families that need a simple, efficient Ladder that can handle many tasks.

785P Xtend & Climb 15.5' Telescoping extension ladder Extend and Brand New!

785P Xtend & Climb 15.5'

By Xtend & Climb


Ladders That Extend

This Ladder is a valuable for admirers with short arms or those who need to get up high quickly, the 20 ft tall Ladder is collapsible so it can be brought down when you need to. The 14 ft tall Ladder is again collapsible but must be brought down before you can reach high, this Ladder is a terrific for admirers with a multi-functional needs. It is first-rate for tasks such as eating, drinking and kitchen length extensions, the aluminum design means it doesn't rust and is otherwise dishwasher and microwave resistant. This Ladder is telescoping with 6, 2 ft aluminum extension Ladder having 2 hooks. It is in like manner with a plastic body and design, this Ladder can be used for cooking or for reaching up high up things. The 16, 5 ft telescoping extension Ladder is an unequaled way for folks with a multi-purpose need. It can be used for effortless access to 16, 5" tall items, such as desks, against a background of whiten-s heroes of the.