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Glacier Ladder Cable Chain

The Glacier Ladder Cable is top-notch for passenger vehicles with small chains, it is national built with a tough, finish that will protect your clothes and tyres. The Cable is likewise irwin quality control standards with an 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Glacier Ladder Cable Chain

This 10-46 a pair Glacier Ladder Cable Chain is exceptional for passenger vehicles with tire chains, it is black anodized and offers a tight weave pattern, making it an uncomplicated fit for most vehicles. The Chain is supply/demand-activated, so you can always be sure that you are being used at a top-of-the-line time, this is a very good quality Glacier Ladder Cable chain. It is 1046 - new and is fantastic for use with passenger vehicles with tires that have a Chain tensioner, it is about 30" long and extends a clip for attaching to the wheel. This type of Cable is top-rated for suspending chains or tires from a height while on the ice, it is strong and corrosion-free, making it excellent for use in cold climates. The Chain or tire can be easily taken on and off of the ladder, making it a versatile tool for multiple uses, this Glacier Cable Chain is superb for 18-wheelers that need to legally tie off their chains during the winter. The dual wheel technology ensures that you never have to worry about losing your chain, and the ice diving Cable lining helps to keep your Chain from liberally sliding around.