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Ladder Hoisting Wheel

This Ladder hoist Wheel is excellent for either heavy or steep Ladder jobs, it's made with heavy-duty materials and features a durable design.

Ladder Hoisting Wheel Amazon

This is a Ladder Hoisting Wheel that discounts are based on the height of the ladder, it is fabricated of 50-140 plastic and grants a black finish. It is able to hoist Ladder heights up to 14 inches, the Ladder Wheel is long and grants a handle. It is an alloy Wheel and is black, it is 16 inches in circumference at the measure of the wheel. The Wheel is manufactured of durable materials like aluminum and brass, it is an essential part of a successful Ladder service. This Wheel is designed to hoist Ladder tracks and other types of equipment, it is manufactured of gorilla glass and is strength and stability than what you will find on other wheels. It is again lightweight and uncomplicated to control, this Ladder hoist Wheel is manufactured of bon 2-14 Ladder material. It is a sturdy Wheel that allows the worker to reach up and down ladders easily.