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Lego Ladder

Looking for a new staircase? Look no more than this! This Lego black open staircase presents seven steps and a six-foot ladder, it's great for a new home or office.

Lego Ladder Piece

The Lego Ladder is a wonderful addition to room in your home, it makes a sterling addition to each fire station or townhouse and can be used to support smoke and water systems. Of the Ladder piece is like a reminder to each worker of the simple purpose for which it was created: to support fire systems, this is a Lego Ladder in black that goes up and up until you reach the top. The Ladder gives a black tower on top and at the top is a black stairs, above the stairs is a black Ladder that goes up to the top. This is a new Lego Ladder in light blue gray, the Ladder presents an 2 nd plate with a plate for the handle. The Ladder is brand new and gives the new plate, this Ladder gives a black 2 x3 top and a black 2 x3 bottom. It provides a double clip at the top and a clap sight at the top left, the Ladder provides a black 3 x4 top and a black 3 x4 bottom. It renders a clap sight at the top left, it also renders a black 3 x4 top and a black 3 x4 bottom.