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Tonka Ladder Fire Truck

This unique ladder is a perfect addition to any room! With its unique engine and boom, this ladder is sure to be an addition to your storage or bedroom collection!

Aerial Ladder

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Aerial Ladder Fire Truck

The new 11 rung ladders for the tonka fire truck are a great addition to your property. They are weather-sensitive and can be tied to ahent behind the truck, making them perfect for using when the weather starts to change. this vintage tonka fire truck ladder truck has a ladder at the top that can be used to access diesel and gasoline supplies for the fire. The ladder has a yellowinging andnnquot ; yellow patches on it specificallynquot;. This truck is from a time when tonka was a major importer of fuel from the united states and this was one of several tonka companies that have built up their businesses in the past years. The truck is operated by a crew of employees, including a driver and a fireman. The fireman climbs the ladder to bring fuel and engine supplies down to the fire. the tiny tonka fire truck 595 pumper or 675 aerial ladders set. Is a fire truck that is made to sell. This fire truck is from a company called tiny tonka and son. This fire truck is made of steel and is brown in color. It has a green light up top and a red light at the bottom. This fire truck is large in size and can hold 5 forms of fire. this 1957 hydraulic tonka tfd ladder fire truck trailer is a great opportunity to purchase one of these truck trailers to use for your fire department. These truck trailers are usually around $5, 000 to $10, 000 each. This one is a great value at this point in time because it's being used for the fire department. This truck trailer has the tonka ladder on it and is made from heavy-duty metal. It is also still in good condition. This is a great buy at this point in time because you can use it to buy the truck trailer you need.