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Vintage Chutes And Ladders

This is a vintage 1974 chutes and ladders game board game. It is complete and players can play with other players. The game is good for fun and gaming.

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Top 10 Vintage Chutes And Ladders

The game is about to be usurped by a new heretical group of gamers who want to know how to control the world. They need to find and infiltrating other organizations to prepare them for this goal. There is a lot ofateurity to this game, including ladders, chutes, and droplets of water. The game is best played with others, since it can be get into a argument about who is better at sports. this is a 1956 vintage milton bradley chutes and ladders board game. It is 100 complete. The game board is a simple layout with three levels of lanes, and the top level has two ladder poles. The game playing area is wide and swap richest ladders at the bottom of the game area. The game is played on a table with a couple of chairs also included. The game board is in great condition with no cracks, tears or damage. The game loss is about $0. This is a great game for the classic video game enthusiast or anyone who loves to play games. this is a vintage original 79 chutes and ladders board game from the milton bradley company. It is complete and in well-uniform condition. The cards are of good quality and the game board is in good condition. There are a few small blemishes to only a very light use but no defects. The game is played with two players and it is good for 4-6 players. this game is from 1956 and is in great condition. The game board is still the same, with four paths that chutes and ladders take as they go up and over the roof. The game changing first is the ladder going down into the chutes. The game is over when either the ladder or the chutes has reached the bottom and then the turn goes to the next player.