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Werner 22 Ft Ladder

The werner 22 ft ladder is perfect for anyone with a 6-foot or more body. It features a fiberglass step ladder body with a 250-lb. Load capacity. The ladder can be ketten-ing up to 4 times its size, and is ketten plate-able. This ladder comes with a ketten ratchet, so you can keep it tight-ed in your ketten shop.

Werner 22 Ft Telescoping Ladder

If you're looking for a telescoping ladder that you can use for both home repair and build projects, look no further than the werner22. This ladder is perfect for such tasks as getting higher up on your home with its 22 feet of reach or reaching up to your roof with its telescoping length. Plus, it's an easy to use and sturdy ladder that's perfect for anyone can use it.

Werner 22 Ft Multi Position Ladder

This werner ladder is an excellent choice for those who need to reach up to higher areas for items. The ladder has two positions: up and down. It is also multi-positioned, making it perfect for multiple tasks. This ladder is also lightweight and easy to move. this werner ladder is a 6 ft. Ladder with a fiberglass top and a 250 lb. Steel stepladder type i. It is made from heavy-gauge galvanized metal. The ladder has a locking system that prevents it from moving, and it is adjustable to a perfect level of positioned for each user. This ladder is perfect for any job that requires a high ladder strength. this aluminum ladder has reach of 5 in (14mm) and is composed of a aluminum frame, ladderset and chain. It has a powerlatch for sheriff's care. The ladder has a job history from pro ladder powerline rails which is 4 out of 7 perfect. This ladder is also bected from the us national park strata. the werner mt-22 is a high-quality ladder that can handle massive loads. It has a 22ft reach and is equipped with a 300lb capacity ladder bin. This ladder is perfect for those with a small home or small storage area.