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Werner 6 Foot Fiberglass Ladder

This stepladder is rated at 300 lb capacity and is manufactured of Fiberglass for durability and 6 Foot height, it provides a black finish and is manufactured with an 5 step Ladder system. This Ladder is dandy for individuals who need to expand their home's up to more than just a small dinghy home & office.

6 Foot Fiberglass Step Ladder

This Fiberglass step Ladder is a top-of-the-line alternative for enthusiasts who ache for a high-quality Ladder that can handle a lot of weight, the Ladder comes with an 300-pound rating, making it top-of-the-line for high-traffic areas in apartments and homes. It is in like manner comfortable to use, with an 5-step Ladder system, this Werner Ladder 6 ft Ladder is an exceptional addition to your home and is exquisite for enthusiasts who wish to build a Ladder business. This Ladder is manufactured with a six Foot twin platform system that provides a comfortable grip and provides a basic surrogate to rise up to the next level, with a black finish it provides a sleek look and feel. This Werner Ladder is top for a busy home or office, this Werner Ladder is an 6 ft Ladder with an 4 twin platform it is fabricated of heavy-gauge metal and features a hard-shell case. It is designed to support the weight of the person or object laddering up to 6 ft, this lightweight stepladder is valuable for any professional use with an aluminum frame and features an 6 Foot reach. The stepladder also features an 300 pound rating which makes it sensational for any professional work area, this Ladder peerless for smaller spaces and is top-grade for and engineers. This Ladder is unrivalled for people who need a quick and straightforward alternative to top off work levels.