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Xtenda-leg Ladder Levelers

The xtenda-leg Ladder leveler is a secure Ladder leveler that rotates to keep you safe and healthy in your work or play environment, with secure cleated feet, you can rest assured that your sleep is secure.

Xtenda Leg Ladder Leveler

The Leg Ladder leveler with rubber adjustable feet 4 pack is a top-rated tool for your pedal bike, the Ladder provides an easy-to-use Ladder head that makes it simple to a pedal bike, and the ladder's rubber feet provide even for all types of bikes. The 600 c Ladder leveler pair is fabricated of high quality rubber feet and is designed to help you levels your Ladder faster and easier, the leveler presents a comfortable design and can reach the rungs below the main Ladder rung easily. The xtenda-leg Ladder Levelers are practical alternative to extend the height of your ladder, with adjustability to tailor any level of ladder, these Levelers make sure your Ladder is level and clear of obstacles. These Ladder Levelers come in 2 packages, so you can always keep your Ladder searching level and fresh of the top, this pack of three Ladder Levelers imparts a rubber adjustable feet that makes it straightforward to level your ladder.